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I love this animation so much! Its so cute and calm and the dialogue feels so real. 
Cartoon Network, please greenlight this. I need this in my life!
For Christmas this year, I want to give an extra special gift to my cousin and her dog Roxie. Roxie has a skin irritation due to an allergy. The vet said she needs an allergy test that will cost about $700. My cousin doesn't have the money to pay this test. So for christmas, I would love to be able to raise the money and give it to her and Roxie as a present.

Here is a link to the Go Fund Me page

Every little bit that I can raise for her is greatly appreciated! Any and all funds will be used towards treating and helping Roxie! If you can't donate anything, signal boosting this journal would also be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you so much! <33

2209 by Meeshi
As some of you might have noticed by now that my raffle journal has been removed, not by my choice. The deviantart staff removed by raffle due to a policy violation. Here is a image of the note they sent me.

Note by Meeshi

Apparently raffles for cash/points are not allowed on deviantart. Personally I am furious about this removal because how come my raffle gets removed while I see tons of other raffles all over deviantart that don't get removed. I am currently discussing with the staff about this issue because I can't find anywhere where it clearly states that raffles with cash/point prizes that don't ask to pay to enter are not allowed on the site. I will update this journal once the staff gets back to me.

Here is the response from the help desk about this issue.

Raffle Removed Response by Meeshi
So I guess no more cash/point raffles from me...
On the bright side tho, I have another raffle idea in mind so stay tuned for that sometime soon.

UPDATE 10/19/15:
New response from the help desk.
Re-Journal Submission Removed by Meeshi
So I guess cash/point raffles are allowed now, as long as it isn't pay to enter. The response wasn't very clear, but that's how I am interpreting it.
Q: I haven’t gotten my number yet. What’s going on?
    A: Whooaa I’m only one person. Please have some patience and you’ll be assigned a number.

Q: Do we have to be present during the livestream to receive the prize?
    A: No

Q: Is this only for American citizens?
    A: No. The only requirement is that you have an active PayPal account if you want cash, otherwise you will get the       equivalent in points.

Q: Can I join if I don’t have PayPal?
    A: Of course! However, if you do not have PayPal you cannot receive the cash prize. You will receive the prize in       DeviantArt points.

Q: Will you message the winner?
    A: Absolutely!
How are all of you doing? How have you guys been? Tell me about your day, share a story, or whatever. I wanna get to know the people who enjoy watching my art a little better.
EDIT: Here's an example of what future mystery packs will look like. Of course it's all just extra stuff added for fun and whoever adopts a polydopt can choose whether or not they wish to use the extra stuff with the adoptable. Let me know what you guys thing? 

  Mystery Pack Example by Meeshi

So I've been thinking of maybe doing a mystery pack of sorts that someone would get with the purchase of an adoptable. The pack might have things like an article of clothing, a weapon, some fun little inventory items that add to the personality of the adoptable, and things like that. Would that be something people would be interested in? What other things would people be interested in getting in a mystery pack.
So I've been working on a couple species ideas that I wanted to get some opinions on before I finalize and make a batch of these guys. Both species will be part of my polydopt project.

The first species I don't have a name for yet so names are also welcome. They are a mix of plants, rocks, and rhinos. The plants on their bodies will come in a large variety, making each on very unique. There will also be rocks that form on their bodies. The plants and rocks form due to the large amount of hexa and dodeca hedral energy running through their bodies. This species will always come in hexa and dodeca hedral types. I'm not sure if I will add a third type for more variety.

Side Note:
Hexa = Earth 
Dodeca = Aether
Hexa + Dodeca = Plant

Updated: Added a finalized base design. I referenced a wombat for the body. Wombats are the cutest!

Polyplantsbase by Meeshi

  Plant Rhinos by Meeshi
The second species are called Hedragons. I love the name because its a combination of hedra, gon, and dragons. The name is just so fitting for my polydopt project. I don't have much information on these guys yet except that the spiral designs are formations due to the flow of their hedral energy. This species will come in any of the five hedral types, hexa, tetra, icosa, octa, and dodeca. I like both the small and large version so I will likely make subspecies of them.

Hedragons by Meeshi 

So I want to create this list. It's a bit of an odd list but I think it could be quite helpful for people looking to create interesting species.

I need help creating a list of things that don't exist on species on earth. Or it could just be a feature that doesn't exist on a particular class.

List so far:

    -Facial features located in different area on body other than face.
    -One eye or many eyes
    -More than one mouth
    -Multiple heads
    -Infrared Vision

    -Mammals that have more than four limbs.
    -Two thumb appendages on one hand 
    -Wings made of a material other than keratin


    -Having two different methods of birth
    -A higher order creature being a photoautotroph 
    -Breaths something other than oxygen
    -Five-chamber heart
    -New type of organ
    -Non-carbon based lifeform

    -Vertebrate with pupa stage/complete metamorphasis

I would love to see what interesting things people can think of.
Sorry I've been away for a few weeks now, feels like it's been forever. My fiance and I recently bought a new condo and I have just been super busy with moving, unpacking, and remodeling. I should be back to doing more art really soon because I GOT A CINTIQ FOR CHRISTMAS!!! My fiance bought it for me!

I had a lot of difficulty getting it working because my laptop is a dinosaur and didn't have the right port but finally got it up and running today. It's sooo nice!
A good friend of mine :iconrentooh: is in need of some money for school and is currently open for commissions. So go check out their art and see if you want a commission.…
A good friend of mine :iconrentooh: is in need of some money for school and is currently open for commissions. So go check out their art and see if you want a commission.…
Attention members, watchers, and visitors,

:iconwe-byte: WE-BYTE is officially open!!!

We are now accepting tamer and byte reference sheets. So start designing and submit those reference sheets while you can.  Not sure how long I will keep the group open, as least for a couple months. I'll make sure to make an announcement when I plan to close the group.

I look forward to getting to know all the members and seeing all the great artwork you guys create!

A little signal boost would be super awesome and very much appreciated.
Am I able to add a donation pool to a group? And if so, how?
So I made a BYTES group. There isn't anything there yet but you can go check it out, watch it, join it, or whatever. I will hopefully get it up and running soon but no promises on how soon.
Sorry for my absence in the chatroom the past couple months. I didn't leave you guys forever. My fiance got a concussion and I have been spending my nights with him, but he will be going back to work soon so ill be back in the chatroom in a couple of weeks.
If I created a bytes group, what should the group be named because I'm sure the name "BYTES" is taken.
Decided I am gonna try my luck with adoptables and see how it goes. But for the time being, the work I've been doing for my Bytes comic is gonna be put on hold. The Bytes comic will be on hiatus for a bit. How long, I'm not sure yet. Will depend on how well the adoptables go. 

So anybody interested in buying a design from me can look forward to that in the near future. 
Finally it is time to announce the winner of the byte contest. And let me tell you, it was not an easy decision to make and I'm hating myself for getting into this situation. Although I only received 3 entries to the contest, all of them were fantastic designs.

:iconpotatocandy: created a very nice design. I enjoyed the mix of metal and leather as well as the asymmetrical elements that are similar to my byte team designs. But in my opinion, it was a weaker entry. It felt a tad less complete in comparison to the other entries I received.

:iconkintupsi: gets an A+ for originality. Her design definitely wasn't the norm but at the same time that is what I feel to be its flaw. It's a bit too far away for what I feel would be representative as a team light tamer.

:iconhastylion: made a solid tamer design. Every aspect of the design received high scores. Her design is built very nicely around the concept of Poison. Not only in color scheme and skull/gas mask accessories but in the personality, style, and flare of the character, which is why I decided to choose Cshell614 as the winner!

Congratulation :iconhastylion:!!! and thank you to all those that participated in the contest. It was a ton of fun seeing the designs people came up with.
Edit 3:  Decided to do a week extension because I've only received two entries. New deadline is May 11th.

Edit 2: Just a reminder that Saturday is your last chance to submit an entry for the contest.

Edit: There are only two weeks left til the deadline and no entries have been submitted yet. Just curious if anybody is working on something to submit to the contest or at least still plans on entering.

So I'm not sure if anybody will be interested in this but I would like try doing a byte contest. Recently I've been posting character designs of teams of 3 byte tamers, each relating to an element/type.…………

Contest Idea:
Design 1 byte tamer of any element/type of your choice from this list!__bat… to be part of the 3 tamer team for the byte leagues.

Full color design
Can enter multiple designs
Can be a type that I've already made a design for

Winner gets a free full color commission from me and I'll use their design in my comic.

Saturday, May 4th 2013
Note me your contest entries.